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Âncora 1

For any questions related to scores/parts please contact me.


Chronostasis (2016)       
for violin solo


Janelas (2016)   

for bassoon and electronics (tape)

Les Vélos de Belleville (2017)
for vibraphone, electronics (tape), bike wheel and video

Three Deadly Causes (2018)   
3rd prize of SIMM - New Music for Harpsichord 2018
for harpsichord

Bonus (2019)   
for toy piano and electronics

Dr. Carvalho (2020)
for manequin and electronics (one percussionist)

Kukurusu (2021)   
for toy instrument setup 


Hypothermia (2022)
for  kalimba

Kukurusu (2021) - Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ
Three Deadly Causes (2018)
Les Vélos de Belleville - Nuno Lobo
Âncora 2


Schizophrenia (2014)

for classical wind quintet

Time Zero (2014)      
for saxophone quartet

Existir é Ser Possível Haver Ser (2015)
baritone and piano

Atlantisia (2017)   
for soprano saxophone and organ

Ladra Pardal! (2018)

for two flutes

Necrosis (2018)
for piano four hands

Necrotic Birds (2018)
Finalist at Tera de Marez Oyens Award (2021)
for two pianos

303 | Circ. Praça Constituição (2019)      
3rd prize of The Megalopolis Saxophone Orchestra - Call for Scores 2020
Nominated for "Best work of classical music 2021" by Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores (SPA)

for saxophone quartet

Fractures (2020)
for string quartet


Venus Flytrap Union (2020)   
for soprano saxophone and violin


Pantomima (2021)
for saxophone quartet

Fractures (2020) - String quartet
303 | Circ. Praça Constituição
Ladra Pardal! - Nuno lobo
Akinetopsia (2016) - Nuno Lobo
Âncora 3
退 Tuì | Premiere (2018) - Nuno Lobo
無 Wú | Premiere (2018) - Nuno Lobo
Prope Mortem (2016) - Nuno Lobo
根 Gēn | Premiere (2016) - Nuno Lobo


Prope Mortem (2015)   

for ensemble with 14 instruments

根 Gēn (2016)   
for ensemble and 4 singers


Prelúdio Com Tonalidade Esbatida (2017)
for wind band


退 Tuì (2017)      
for mezzo-soprano and ensemble


無 Wú (2018)      
for baritone and ensemble

Tempus Edax Rerum (2018)
for clarinet in Bb, Harp, Piano, Electric Guitar and Organ

Âncora 4


Elevador (2016)    
for symphony orchestra


Prelúdio Com Tonalidade Esbatida (2017)
for wind band

Recipe 1/ Black Gelatine (2019)
for symphony orchestra

Invertirus (2021)
for symphony orchestra

Invertirus (2020)
Invertirus (2020)
Black Gelatine
Âncora 5



Reminiscência (2017)

1st prize of Sophia Student Prize - Portuguese Academy of Cinema, experimental category.
soundtrack for the short-movie directed by Amélia Urbano, Beatriz Mota and Lúcia Pinto.

Images of Anxiety (2018)

Selected for the 68th Filmfestival “Berlinale”
music for the trailer of the web series directed by Julie Gaston (Les Gastons Film)

Sores in the City (2019)
marketheater De Gloed - De Gloed Ensemble

Alma Grande (2019)

small opera for chamber ensemble, choir, four soloists and narrator

The Love Story of Messiaen and a Regular Fly (2019)   
for large ensemble and live video 

The Death of Mephistopheles (2020)
corona-proof opera for large ensemble and choir

Robert Maan and His Time Machine (2020)   

for large ensemble and live video (virtual opera)

It Rose Behind The River (2021)   
Audience prize - Goodmesh Concours 2021
for ensemble and live video (virtual opera)

Ice Merchants (2022)   
orchestrator and conductor of the soundtrack

Ice Merchants - Festival de Cannes
Robert Maan and His Time Machine (2020)
Alma Grande - Opera
It Rose Behind The River
Reminiscência (2017)
The Love Story of Messiaen and a Regular
Sores in the City

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